I have had a bad experience in public speaking and this bad memory stresses me out!

Did you have bad public speaking experiences?

    A negative experience can be a setback.

    If a failed intervention has left its mark, the first step is a detailed debriefing.

    We identify together points for improvement and mistakes to avoid repeating them.

    Then, we tackle these weaknesses in dedicated practice sessions.

    You receive immediate feedback and adjustments that will help you correct your course.

    You will have the opportunity to "reset" that experience through simulations where you can succeed in a safe environment.

    Several simulations are organized to allow you to "reset" that past experience.

    The purpose of successful simulations is to replace the bad memory with a new memory of success - a recent success!

    Ultimately, you will leave with a new successful experience, replacing the negative memory with a sense of accomplishment.

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An individual troubled by past negative experiences in public speaking, wanting to overcome this lingering fear.