I know nothing about public speaking, and I absolutely must train for the future!

Are you a beginner in public speaking?

    If you are new to public speaking, my basic training is ideally suited.

    First, I teach you how to structure your speech using proven templates.

    We cover the best way to introduce a topic, transition between points, and conclude in a striking manner.

    Next, we move on to form: how to hold your posture, where to direct your gaze, how to articulate clearly.

    Simulations allow you to refine your technique, with live feedback. We use video for real-time feedback.

    This allows you to see and hear what the audience perceives.

    You will leave with a professional slide deck and a detailed script.

    These practical tools become your starting point for future presentations.

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A novice in public speaking eager to learn and develop the necessary skills for effective communication.