I have to pitch to investors soon, and I must convince them at all costs!

Since you absolutely need to sway investors in your next pitch, this coaching is tailored to maximise your chances of success!

    First, we'll tackle the structure of the pitch, ensuring we highlight what investors care most about: the problem, the solution, the target market, and the business model.

    Then, we'll work on making each element as persuasive as possible using data, case studies, and relevant testimonials.

    Depending on your needs, we'll address the design of the presentation itself to support the impact of your pitch. You'll learn the fundamentals of slide design to ensure each slide supports rather than distracts from your message.

    Next, we focus on your physical presence. You’ll learn to enhance your body language, intonation, and pacing to optimise the impact of your speech.

    Another key aspect is timing.
    Investor pitches are often subject to strict timing. You will practice keeping to this constraint without rushing or skipping essential information.

    Your preparation doesn’t end there, as we simulate challenging scenarios, like tricky questions or unexpected objections. This prepares you to remain calm and convincing, even under pressure.

    Each simulation is followed by a thorough debrief, allowing us to tweak any elements needing improvement.

    I’ll also provide you with a handy guide to consult before the pitch. It includes a checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked and reminders of techniques to manage your stress and boost your confidence before facing your investors.

    You will leave with a pitch that’s been thoroughly refined and rehearsed, ready to win over investors.

    This package includes the script, slides, and detailed notes for each section, ensuring you're equipped for this crucial step in launching your business.

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An individual preparing a persuasive pitch for investors, conveying urgency and determination to succeed.