I'm terribly stressed in front of my audience and I lose all my means!

Do you suffer particularly from stage fright?

    Stress can be a major obstacle!

    My approach is to prepare you to use it to your advantage rather than just "manage" it.

    We will work on exclusive techniques to use and a checklist to follow before each presentation, thus reducing unknowns and the stress associated with them.

    I provide you with a toolbox for using stress that will serve you throughout your career.

    I also train you in simple, concrete, proven breathing and relaxation techniques, usable in real-time in front of your audience.

    Simulations in a controlled environment reinforce your learning.

    These sessions will help you get accustomed to stress and tame it.

    Additionally, you'll receive a practical guide that serves as a roadmap and a checklist to use before each intervention to minimize your stress.

    This pre-presentation checklist limits unknowns and mitigates associated stress.

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Someone experiencing severe stress while presenting, searching for methods to manage and overcome anxiety.