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Patrick partners with event organizers on numerous types of European events, serving as a master of ceremonies (Emcee): conventions, product launches, award ceremonies, trophy presentations, events, product presentations at exhibitions, etc. His expertise and international animation experience allow him to create and establish a suitable conviviality at the company's communication events, in both English and French. He hosts in France, in Europe, and worldwide. His knowledge and practice of European cultures make him an excellent European host. Patrick is also a coach in international public speaking: he prepares speakers to present with impact in English to their international audiences. He has written a guide on the subject "International presentations: speak in English with impact!"

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Lectures - speeches on professional communication

Patrick Jay offers a complete range of bilingual English-French conferences on the subject of professional communication. These conferences provide employees with new, often unexpected technical elements, an updated and often new vision of professional communication.

Added Value

Bilingual English-French and European intercultural proximity: he hosts indifferently in English/French. His intercultural sensitivity and expertise will save you from the embarrassments and faux pas that can quickly "cool down" international events. Expertise in rhythm regulation and timing respect: his significant experience allows him to constantly take into account the stakes of the event for the sponsoring company. He shows rigor in the respect of conductor wires and timings, combined with necessary conviviality. Technical skill in high-level executive interviews: he always intervenes with relevance and tact among the VIP actors of the event, to highlight the interventions while remaining in an efficient framework. Guaranteed conviviality in formal occasions (award ceremonies): he gives your event animation the international "French Touch", subtly, respecting the cultures present.

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Patrick has been hosting for 20 years, bilingual in English and French, seminars, conventions, round tables, debates, and product launches, in English and French. He has references such as Arcelor, Alcatel, Atout France, Schlumberger, Motorola, HP, Edf Gdf, Apple, Danka, OPPBTP, Canon, Sanofi, Vichy, ETDE, Lafarge, Computervision, Remy Cointreau, Turbomeca, Konica, Evolia, etc. He regularly trains written press journalists and managers in round table animation techniques, as well as in conducting and animating meetings in the company. Patrick Jay comes from journalism: print press (International Exchanges - Economy) and TV (Euronews), as well as corporate (Fiat Auto France internal television). For 4 years, from 2007 to 2011, he was a trainer in public speaking at the Council of the European Union, in English and French. These training sessions aimed at European personnel from the 27 member nations were an opportunity to refine his bilingual and intercultural European expertise.

Significant international experience

Patrick JAY has been performing for 25 years as a bilingual event host in English and French.

Patrick Jay is a seasoned professional bilingual English-French host.

He hosts seminars, conventions, colloquiums, round tables, debates, and product launches in English and French, in France, in Europe, in the Maghreb, and worldwide.

Patrick has acquired solid experience in the field of animation thanks to his career in television. For five years, he hosted live lottery draws for Tac O Tac and Keno on TF1 and France3, while continuing his career as a journalist on television (Euronews).

He also worked in corporate audiovisual communication as a presenter of Fiat Auto France's internal television and as a contributor to BP France's PipeLine news feed. Combined with his journalistic skills acquired in print media (International Exchanges - Economy), this strong audiovisual skill makes him an extremely high-performing speaker.

In addition to his event activity, Patrick regularly trains journalists and managers in round table animation techniques, media interventions, and conducting and animating meetings in the company.For four years, he was a public speaking trainer at the Council of the European Union, providing bilingual training in English and French to staff from the 27 member countries. This experience allowed him to refine his bilingual and intercultural communication skills in a European context.

He is the founder and head of the professional communication firm PatrickJAYCommunications, based in the heart of Paris, France. His expertise allows him to provide quality services to professionals and organizations who want to improve their communication skills and achieve their national and international development goals. He supports them and helps them achieve their communication goals successfully.

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Patrick JAY is a seasoned host emcee facilitator