International Kick Off

Hosting of the Bausch & Lomb Europe Kick Off Meeting in Marrakech


Hosting of the two plenary sessions: facilitation in English of the top management's and several KOLs' presentations.

Audience of 300 European delegates (Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, UK, etc.).

Implemented for the event agency Evea from Montpellier, France

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Convention Hosting

When companies gather their troops to discuss business matters!

HOSTING Examples

Lafarge Marketing Convention for Cardan Agency

Two-day convention hosting for an international audience of the group's top managers

- Hosting of the opening ceremony
- Launching video topics
- Conducting debates

Arcelor Convention in Orviedo (Spain) for NepTV

Two-day convention hosting for an audience of 300 top managers from the 3 merged entities + CEO

- Preparation of the running order in advance. 2 months of work with leaders

- Conducting debates and hosting expert interventions.

T.C.S. Motorola Paris Convention (Visual Media Productions)

One-day work session hosting for an international audience of 300 participants

- Hosting of the opening ceremony

- Plenary presentations to Motorola's Top Executives

- Awards ceremony at the end

convention venue with stage looming bright

Awards Ceremonies

Presenter - Emcee Master of Ceremonies for Awards

Awards: Examples of Hosting


VM Zinc Trophies Presentation

Hosting of the trophy presentation - international project competition

In English – French, international audience of architects + press

Assistance in creation of the event programme.

Popaï Europ Oscars Presentation (European Federation of Point-of-Sale Communication)

In English and French, gala evening hosting, Oscars presentation

Awards Presentation for SCHLUMBERGER Electronic Transactions

In English, at the CARDS Expo, hosting and prize-giving for lottery

Thailand Tourism Office Evening

Bilingual English/French presentation/ hosting of the evening

Launch of promotional campaign / award presentation to prescribers

Audience of key players in tourism

Atout France Evening - Centre Pompidou Paris

Targeted at 2,000 global tourism professionals.

Opening of the evening, welcoming of guests, gratitude to sponsors and supporters of the event

emcee holding mike at awards ceremony

1. You make your request

Specify your needs and objectives, the targeted audience, the context, your constraints, etc.


2. You receive a response within 24h

You get an initial response immediately, followed by a refined proposal within 24 hours

3. Once agreed, we set the modalities

I organize the hosting, making it ready to run

4. I host your event in English!

I host your event from start to finish!