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Public Speaking Coaching: Unleash the Potential of Your Speakers!

The power of speech is a vital asset for the success of your event!

Your presentations become impactful with the guidance and support of Patrick Jay. His mission is to prepare presenters to express their ideas fluently and engage in debates using sound and impactful English.

    Added Value to Your Performances

    Public speaking coaching boosts self-confidence.

    The expression of ideas becomes fluent and natural in English.

    Coaching encourages active participation in debates.

    Presenters become effective communicators on the international stage.

    Communication in English allows for increased participation.

    Intensive preparation ensures high-quality speeches.

    Developing English skills enhances personal esteem.

    The success of presentations reflects the company's professionalism internationally.

    Patrick Jay's constructive feedback promotes continuous improvement.

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public speaking coachee practicing at session

Select the option that best describes your issue or need
and contact me now to check how I can assist you!

Are you looking to excel at public speaking? I am the coach you need!

Whether you're a novice or a pro, I provide custom solutions for every challenge you face!

Feeling stressed before an audience? I equip you with proven stage-fright stress-management techniques!

Need to persuade in English or pitch to investors? I prepare you specifically for these challenges!

You'll leave with practical skills, polished presentations, and an action plan for every scenario!

Through my coaching,
every word you speak influences,
every gesture persuades,
and every presentation hits the mark!

  • Because the essence lies in understanding what needs to be done and how to do it. Mastering the techniques is the first step!

  • Because "to stand still is to fall behind." Your techniques must be refined to stay current and cater to new audiences.

  • Avoid reliance on a limited set of tools by expanding your repertoire. Experiment with storytelling or slideology—create purely visual slides!

  • An ambitious task that requires effort but yields rewarding results. Become a charismatic speaker!

Enjoy the practicality and comfort of a coaching studio in the heart of Paris!

a unique and pleasant setting for collaborative work with complete confidentiality

I welcome clients to my public speaking coaching studio at 4 Place de l'Opéra, 75002, centrally located in the heart of Paris

This prime location offers easy access from major train stations (Saint Lazare, Montparnasse, Gares de Lyon, Gare du Nord, and Gare de l'Est) and is well-connected by the RER and RATP transport networks.

mon studio de coaching en prise de parole en public est situé place de l'Opéra à Paris France

1. You share your request

Specify your needs and objectives, the targeted audience, the context, your constraints, etc.

2. You receive a response within 24h

You get an initial response immediately, followed by a final proposal within 24 hours

3. Once agreed, we set the modalities

I make your training / coaching ready to run

4. I provide you with the best public speaking techniques!

You get equipped with the best gear, from A to Z!